Our People

Epilepsy Support & Education Services Inc. is still very much a grassroots organization with the Board members and volunteers doing the vast majority of the work. We occasional have  fundraising projects but at this time we  do not have a paid staff. We do this work due to  our passion and desire to bring awareness of epilepsy to the public.

Board Members: 

Kris L. McNair- President

Kris was diagnosed with Epilepsy at the age of 4. Growing up with a family that was very accepting of her diagnosis Kris did not let much hold her back. She found out early that telling her friends about her Epilepsy helped them understand what to do when she did have a seizure. After graduating High School she went on to become a Baker and Bakery Manager for over 20 years. Kris changed careers several years back and now a Real Estate Broker with a flexible schedule so she is  able to spend more time working with Epilepsy Support and Education Services.  Kris originally came to support groups so she could actually believe that there were others like her with epilepsy and was delighted to meet all the people in the group understood what she goes through living with epilepsy. 

Sara Arajuo – Secretary

Sara joined after being a active member of the support group for over a year. She comes with an excellent background in neurosciences. She  graduated Brown University with a masters degree in Public Health. She is a dedicated volunteer and we appreciate having her as a part of our board.

Jon Vigil- Board Member

We met Jon Vigil when he became the representative for Liva-Nova the company that makes the VNS (Vegas Nerve Stimulator). He has introduced us to may of the doctors that we did  not know and Liva-Nova has been a continued supporter of ESES for many years. We are very happy to have Jon as a member of our board. 

Isaac Taylor Wise- Board Member

Living in Las Cruces Isaac travels to Albuquerque for his doctor appointments. He heard of our groups and attended one Saturday and mentioned how he would like to have meetings in Las Cruces. Little did he know we had been wanting the same thing and even traveled to Las Cruces to see where we could have meetings. It was perfect timing, over a 12 month period two of the Albuquerque facilitators travel to Las Cruces to help train Isaac. It  was a blessing that Isaac came to that Saturday meeting, he has grown the Las Cruces group from 3 members to over 20 members in the past two years.   

Nina Begay- Board Member

Lisa Harrison- Board Member



 We are currently looking for people interested in Epilepsy who would like to join our Board and bringing new ideas and perspectives to ESES. Call Kris at 505-243-9119 or email at Epilepsynm@gmail.com for more information.



Erin Callan


If you are interested in becoming a Board member or volunteering for Epilepsy Support & education Services please email or call us. 505-243-9119  /EpilepsyNM@gmail.com


"Facilitating The Acceptance Of Epilepsy"